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MANUEL IGNACIO ADROGUÉ, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 14, 1942. Education: Universidad del Salvador (J.D., gold medal -Summa Cum Laude-, 1964; Ph.D., Thesis qualified "Outstanding", 1969); Academic Positions: Full Professor -Property Law- Universidad de Buenos Aires (1983-1998); Professor in Post-Graduate courses on “Securitization” and “Corporate registral publicity” in the Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1996, Post Graduate course on “Article 8, Uniform Commercial Code”, Universidad Austral, 2000; Dean of Law School, Universidad del Salvador, 1975; Chief Director of Law School Library of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (1982-83); Author: Books: "Capitalización de Hacienda", on capitalization of cattle, La Ley S.A., Bs. As., 1970; "La Prelación de Créditos en Materia Concursal”, on privileges in bankruptcy law, Abeledo-Perrot, Bs. As., 1976; "La reforma monetaria: El Austral”, on the reform of the monetary system, Plus Ultra, 1985; "Temas de Derechos Reales" various works on real property, with collaborators, Plus Ultra, Bs. As., 1986; "Temas de Derecho Registral”, works on registration law, with collaborators, Plus Ultra, 1984; "El Derecho de Propiedad en la Actualidad”, on the meaning of property at the end of the 20th century, and the multiple forms it has adopted through country-clubs, shopping centers, sharing time, industrial developments and other modern manifestations of real-estate property, Abeledo-Perrot, Bs. As., 1990; author of articles on real property and registration law in numerous reviews, (among them, "Notas Relativas a las Hipotecas de Seguridad", -in collaboration with Mr. Juan Carlos Amuy-, on mortgages, La Ley, 1980-B, 948; “La atribución de la propiedad de la vivienda económica en la ley 24.374”, a comment to a law on a social promotion program via real estate attribution, on La Ley, 1995-B, 934; “La Propiedad Privada en la Constitución Nacional”, on the private property in the Constitution, Anuario de Derecho Nº 4, Universidad Austral, Abeledo Perrot, 1998; “La propiedad en el ‘Proyecto de Código Civil’”, on the conception of property as structured in the recent Civil Code Project, on El Derecho, December 13th, 1999; national and international lecturer on real property and securitization; Public Offices: National Chairman of the National Office of Protection of Minors and Family (Dirección Nacional de Protección del Menor y la Familia), 1984-85; Member: Board of the Law School of Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1981-83; Arbitration Court established by Notary Collegium and Universidad de Buenos Aires Law School, since 1992; Comission of Civil Law of the Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires; Colegio Público de Abogados de la Capital Federal (Buenos Aires Bar Assn., admitted 1968); Colegio de Abogados de La Plata; former Member of the Board of Directors of Aceros Zapla S.A.. Languages: Spanish, Italian, English.

MARÍA JOSÉ ADROGUÉ, born in Buenos Aires, September 14, 1972. Education: Universidad de Buenos Aires (J.D., Cum Laude, Scroll of Honor, 1996); Academic background: Universidad Austral (completed course in Doctorate Program, currently preparing PhD thesis); Professor -Property Law- Universidad Austral; Author: Collaborator in “La Propiedad Privada en la Constitución Nacional” by Manuel I. Adrogué, on the private property in the Constitution, Anuario de Derecho Nº 4, Universidad Austral, Abeledo Perrot, 1998; "La sociedad como accionista de sí misma: Efectos respecto de las acciones de las asambleas”, on the problems that arise when a corporation becomes shareholder of itself (Campus Nº XVII, Universidad Católica Argentina, April 1998). Member: ex-member of the staff of “Lecciones y Ensayos” Law Review, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1993; Colegio Público de Abogados de la Capital Federal (Buenos Aires Bar Assn., admitted 1997), Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro; Languages: Spanish, English, French, German.


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